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Dharma Week-end with Fabio

Dharma week-end with Fabio Filippi

Fabio suit Dharma Mitra depuis quelques années. Il a commencé la pratique après 30 ans, mais a très vite croché et en a fait son quotidien. Sa pratique nous démontre qu’une pratique rigoureuse peut porter ses fruits sur différents aspects de notre vie. D’autre part, il est photographe et ses compétences en la matière donnent des résultats magnfiques. Aller voir par vous même sur

Les sessions seront données en anglais avec traduction possible.

Friday, November 29th
Dharma Yoga * Charging Practice 2 hours (Open to all levels)
Pranayama + Asana + Short Yoga Nidra

Horaire et Tarif : 19h-21h/ 50 CHF

Saturday, November 30th
Dharma Yoga * Inversion Workshop 3 hours

Horaire et Tarif: 16h-19h/ 70 CHF

Step by Step Inversion Workshop (Open to all levels)
During the workshop we will explore the dynamics of inversions, specifically the vertical on the head Shirshasna. This pose is one of the main pose of Hatha Yoga, also known as the queen of asanas for the numerous and beneficial effects it produces on the body and also on the mind.
We will learn to build a stable base and a healthy alignment through conscious breathing. Short strengthening, flexibility and stability exercises will be dealt with as well as short sequences of asanas to prepare the body and mind to balance upside down! The goal is to return home with a deeper awareness of how we can safely integrate inversion into everyday practice.

Sunday, December 1st
Dharma Yoga * Maha Sadhana 3 hours (Open to all levels)

Pranayama + Asana + Yoga Nidra + Kirtan

Subtle breathing practices to calm the mind, invigorate the body and energize the chakras, as well as healing mantras (sound vibrations) to stimulate the pituitary gland and subtle consciousness. The extended Charging Series and Shiva Namaskara Vinyasa posture flow, stretches, tones and strengthens the entire physical body. After all that effort you will experience a final guided meditation in deep relaxation – yoga nidra to recharge and rejuvenate the entire physical and mental system.

Horaire et Tarif : 10h-13h / 70 CHF

Looking Pretty & Ethical Visual Communcation Seminar 2 hours (Seminar Open to all) *

How to create and to manage ethically your images by the social network

at the end of the seminar each person will receive a pic ready to use for social network

Horaire et Tarif: 14h-16h / 50 CHF

Les 4 sessions pour 220 CHF

Inscription avant le 10 novembre 200 CHF pour les 4 sessions :

Place confirmée une fois le paiement reçu , mention : Fabio


Esplanade des Récréations 24

1217 Meyrin

IBAN CH77 0839 0034 6588 1000 6


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